Professional Squash Player and Irish Number One

Australia and next

Was due to travel to Brisbane last week for 3 psa events but due to a little injury picked up the week before I couldn’t travel. Obviously goes without saying I was pretty gutted and a non refundable flight a weeks hotel followed by a ¬£100 cancellation fee ¬†topped it off nicely!!

Last time I was in Oz was about 7/8 years ago, I spent a summer there and traveled around playing events all over with a base camp in Melbourne where i was coached a little by current Scottish national coach – Roger Flynn. Roger had an affinity with the Irish having represented Connacht in the inter counties bk in the day and was happy for me to come along and join in the session he ran. He away pretty old school in some ways which I liked , hard work never say die kind of thing quite passionate & very with it when it came to training methods, stats. liked talking about the game and analysing in great detail. Anyways, training kicked off at 8a.m & for every minute you were late you had to do 10 press ups aka 10 mins late – 100 press ups (my maths are a strong point!) one day a German squash player , Firedel Scheel, clearly struggling with jet lag turned up over an hour late. Rodger called a drinks break and everyone was egging poor aul friedel to x amount of pressups when the boss said ‘ok mate you gotta give me 1 clap press up’ no problem , down he goes, to easy. back on his feet, roger smiles gives a wink to everyone else and jokingly says ‘ no mate , clap behind your back’ . Now friedel was a real easy going happy charachter, 6ft 4 and built like a bean pole! Not an ounce of fat but not much in the muscle department either!!! Down he goes and gives a few test runs. It wasn’t looking good but he looked determined to prove to us all he could do it. 1,2,3 down he goes, presses his body up as high as he can, claps behind his back,,,,,,, hes looking good,,,,,,,, until he lands Chin first!! everyone roars laughing,( to this day still one of the funniest things iv ever seen) to be fair to the lad he took it well and soon after we were back on court……

back to drawing board for me 4 weeks until London open followed by the world open, so maybe missing this wee tour is a blessing in disguise?

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