Professional Squash Player and Irish Number One

Berkhamstead Open

Having hardly played all year leading up to the Europeans in may I was encouraged by how I played so I decided to enter this PSA Satellite event 6 weeks later thinking id have plenty of time to train and get ready for it – in theory at least! Id totally forgotten id entered until the week before and hadn’t done a tap and was snowed in with coaching that I had my fist hit since the Europeans the day before the event started!

1st match was v James Earls and was a little rusty so say the least but I figured if I competed well I might bluff it, and that’s exactly what I did stayed with him and at the end of each game managed to pull away 11-9 11-9 11-9! 4 hours later I was a little sharper and beat Jamie Mathews in 3.

2 matches in one day combined with not playing 6 weeks, camping that night, a few cheeky beers and I woke up stiff as a board! Up next was Nathan Lake a youngster who was fresh as a daisy and mad keen (way to keen for a Sunday a.m!) . it was pretty tough and after a slow start managed to win 3-2 in just shy of 90 mins finishing at 1245 with the final at 330! Loads of time to recover……

Chris fuller was next in the final, good solid up and coming player who was watching my semi (he was on before me and won 3 zip) eating pasta! Fair play I guess.. tried warming up but was to stiff so just went on court to see if I could loosen up and when the first rally ended I got the bit between the teeth and decided to give it everything and after over a 100 minutes I managed to sneak the win and win my first event of 2011… (it took 8 days before I could put my socks on without rolling on my back!)

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