Professional Squash Player and Irish Number One

New shoes and the Loch Ness Open


Last 2 events of the season, both in Europe and the first of them was in Inverness for the Loch Ness open. A day before i tavelled I treated meself to a new pair of nike blazers that were on sale. Having not really tried them on in the shop and wearing them travelling I quickly realised they were to small and not bringing an extra pair I had the option of walking in my socks or to purchase a new pair! Ragin! A reatil park located behind the hotel myself and room mate steve finitsis went for a look. En route back to hotel sporting a new shiny pair of broags (asics for anyone curious) we decided to take a short cut to the hotel (more i as steve had noticed a fence and a river in the path of the shorter route) Steve got over no worries. On jumping the fence I got caught a little from the fence, which couldve been taken as a sign maybe to turn around?! Next obstacle was a river, successfully navigated by steve by planting his foot on a grass patch, I followed suit but missed and by the time I got across I had one squeaky clean runner and one unrecognisable runner (&sock) covered in muck & water! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it was quite funny in one way and Steve got a good laugh out of it and I’ve always thought laughing is good for the soul so laugh it was…

Onto the squash and I was up against Jamie haycocks of England and displayed one of the most passive performances of the season.Moving well but never posing any real threat or purpose and not really getting out of first gear until 2 games and 4/10 down in the 3rd when out of pure frustration I leaped into full throttle to try get something out of the match, managing to win the next 7 points to earn a game ball at 11/10 which unfortunately an easy tin levelled followed by another and a dying length losing the 3rd 13/11 and with it the match. I was soooo frustrated and raging with myself for leaving it so late to do anything about the course of my performance!
Next up is Gibraltar a few days time so looking to improve the performance there, which in reality shouldn’t prove to difficult!