Professional Squash Player and Irish Number One

Northern Ontario Open and Perspective

Having not played a tournament since Seattle, late January, I was pretty pumped for the above event! I’d taken the time off to develop a few things with my coach targeting a strong April/May and extending my season into June.

On the morning of my first match id received word of a close friend, David Corbet, who’d lost his battle with cancer at the age of 29. A man dealt a very harsh deal had an amazing ability to make the most of everyday! The way he battled his illness was truly inspiring and by a country mile was the gutsiest and bravest guys I’ve ever met. We grew up playing squash together around Ireland and Europe and were part of the same provincial and national squads. His hold on the forehand was lethal and was the master of the alley game on that side! A lot of folk in irish squash and other circles lost a good friend that day. Already sorely missed, but his memory lives on. RIP

Needless to say the squash wasn’t very important this week. Although I did manage to sneak a 3/2 win in a pretty ugly display in the first round and though I was better in 2nd round I was still way off mentally and lost in 4.

Next up is the West of Ireland and Irish Open and I’m very up for the challenge. To be playing in front of home crowds and have family, friends, misses around will be awesome and not something I always enjoyed as a youngster but in recent years is something iv learned to embrace and appreciate as being a lone Irish squash pro you spend most of the time traveling and playing solo.

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