Professional Squash Player and Irish Number One

RC Pro Series St Louis

Since Phoenix Ive been struggling with injury in my lower back,hip which was causing the hamstring to flare up. I played the US Open early october, where i had a pretty solid win and a decent performance in the second round but it came at a cost and I was back on the sidelines for another 4 weeks. Injurys are always a pain in the ass but this time around it was kind of a blessing as it afforded me time to work on areas of the body that needed strengthening up in order for it to function properly again.

I arrived at St Louis super keen to play whilst also apprehensive as to how id play. 1st round was at times an edgy affair but i always had a little breathing space in a 2/3 point cushion making closing the games out not so difficult. quarters i was a little better against an opponent of similar level and was little more comfy setting up a semi with martin knight who loves a good old fashioned grind!!!
Hot bouncy court was always going to make this match a long one and after 70 minutes we were locked at 1 all!!! (oh boi) 3rd as ever was crucial having been 10/7 down to having a gameball at 11/10 to be pipped 13/11 hurt. The ball had finally begun to slow down at this point and it allowed me to start firing the ball in short alot more, until at 10/3 up i started to cramp,,, all over – first it was Me toes and both calves. followed shortly by my hamstring and lastly my right forearm!!!! Never expierenced anything like it. I managed to sneak the 4th,only just though! In the 5th I started off well and the cramps hit me again. There wasnt much I could do but i did what I could. slow balled, retied me laces anything i could do to break it up, it was pretty bad and at one point i had a wee laugh to meself. there wasnt much else i could do and after 118 mins I was down and out! bummer eh..
anyways on a positive note it was great to be able to play and move freely again and come out from a tough match like that feeling strong the next day. Edmonton next for last event of the year. look forward to that and looking to make a few improvments between now and then.

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